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'Cuz I don't shine ...

... if you don't shine ...

Tori. ♥
24 December 1991
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It's been a long time, friends. For me, writing is therapeutic; it's personal development. It's a skill I want to continue to cultivate.

LiveJournal's time of prominence has come and gone, but for me it's still home. rustedxemotions was created by a twelve-year-old. Today, it's maintained (loosely) by aged twenty-four me, Tori.

Please feel free to add me if you're active or semi-active. I hope to create more positive habits -- regular use of this journal is one of them! Other things I'm interested in which perhaps you might be, too: lists of all kind, books, independent films, health food & junk food, enjoying art, exploring my hometown, traveling on a larger scale, finding new places on Yelp (Elite '16), being outdoors, learning how-to all sorts of things, the small details, the everyday activities of normal people, crafts, photography (I recently received a Nikon D3300 from my boyfriend!), different cultures, organization, journals & planners, bettering myself, personal growth, the human brain, making a productive & happy life for myself, learning how to be the best me.

It's a juggling act and takes a lot of work. I'm up for the task and things are always better with friends, no? Please share with me, and I'll share with you.

Have a great day!

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